Private Beach House Wedding

Private Beach House Wedding

Are you considering getting married on the beach at a private beach house? Big Day Wedding’s beach wedding packages can be set up on any beach, including a private beach house, a beach condominium or a beach hotel. Of course, you will have to check with the owner or management company to make sure the property owner allows weddings to be hosted on their beach.

Parking at a private beach house may be limited, make sure you confirm that your guests will be able to park at or near the beach house. If not, your Big Day Wedding planner can help you evaluate transportation options such as a private shuttle or van.

Planning Your Wedding

You will need to contact the beach house owner and confirm that you have permission to host a wedding on the property. If you are renting the home, you should get these details confirmed in writing prior to signing the contract to rent the home. If you are considering hosting a reception at the beach house, you will need to review those details with the home owner as well. Big Day Weddings can recommend a list of wedding-friendly private beach homes available for rental.


Home owners and rental companies will likely want to know how many guests you are expecting. While you may already have an approximate head count, keep in mind that wedding guest lists tend to grow with time. There is often an aunt or a cousin or a childhood friend that is initially left of the wedding list.

You might be surprised how many of your friends and family want to attend once they find out you are getting married on the beautiful white sands of the Gulf Coast. Everybody loves a beach vacation!

Private Beach House Wedding Private Beach House Big Day Weddings Private Beach House Wedding Big Day Weddings
Private Beach House Wedding Private Beach House Big Day Weddings Private Beach House Wedding 2 Big Day Weddings

Things to Consider

Private beach houses tend to be located on beach areas that are less populated, providing more privacy for your wedding ceremony. If you choose to host your wedding reception at the beach house, it makes planning and transportation easy for the wedding party and for your guests.


Make sure there is a designated path for your wedding party to access the beach. Sea oats and other dune building vegetation need to be protected. In some cases, the home may have a private bridge that crosses the sand dunes. In other situations, your guests will have to cross the dunes on their own. You can help keep them moving in the right direction by lining the pathway with tiki torches.

For any beach wedding, you should consider having a designated area for your guests to leave their shoes. Walking on the sand barefoot tends to be far easier than in shoes. 


A private beach house can provide a beautiful setting for your wedding reception too. After your dream beachfront wedding ceremony, a beach house is a perfect location for a private reception where your guests can stroll on the sand, enjoy ocean views and maybe take in an oceanfront sunset. What a great opportunity to continue celebrating your wedding on the beach with family and friends. Hosting everything in one location makes planning and transportation easy for you and your guests. You can choose to have the reception on the beach behind the house, inside the house, on the deck, underneath the home or any combination of them all. Big Day Weddings can take care of everything including tables, linens, catering, beverages, bar, and photography.  Not sure where to find the right house? Big Day Weddings can recommend a list of beach rental homes and beach rental agencies to find the perfect private beach house for your wedding and reception. 

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