Beachfront Condominium Wedding

Beachfront Condominium Wedding

Are you considering getting married on the beach at a beachfront condominium? Big Day Wedding’s beach wedding packages can be set up on any beach, including a private beach house, a beach condominium or a beachfront hotel. Of course, you will have to check with the owner or management company to make sure the property owner allows weddings to be hosted on their beach. Our Big Day Wedding planners can recommend local condos and hotels that are wedding friendly for beachfront wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Parking at a beachfront condominium may be limited, make sure you confirm that your guests will be able to park at the location for the ceremony and reception. If not, your Big Day Wedding planner can help you evaluate transportation options such as a private shuttle or van.

Planning Your Wedding

You will need to contact the condominium owner or management company to confirm that you have permission to host a wedding on the property. They will likely want to know how many guests you are expecting.

While you may already have an approximate head count, keep in mind that wedding guest lists tend to grow with time. Make sure to ask if they have a limit on the number of guests you invite or the size of the wedding. You might be surprised how many of your friends and family want to attend your wedding once they find out you are getting married on the beach. 

Big Day Weddings can make the planning process easy by providing a list of wedding-friendly condominiums based on the size of your wedding and your budget. We have been in the wedding business in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for over 10 years so we know every detail that needs to be attended to. 

Things to Consider

Beach condominiums often have chairs and umbrellas arranged on the beach for their guests. Beachgoers are usually very respectful during weddings, but you may still end up with a few umbrellas in your wedding pictures. It is important to discuss with the hotel and your wedding planner where you are allowed to set up your wedding if you are wanting privacy for your wedding ceremony.

Make sure there is a designated path for your wedding party to access the beach from the condominium and a place for the bride to be prior to the ceremony. Usually, there is a bridge that crosses the sand dunes with a ramp that descends down to the beach. Keep in mind physical limitations for elderly guests and discuss any accessibility concerns with your wedding planner, such as beach friendly wheelchair rental.

If you have questions, we can provide answers. Click below to contact Big Day Weddings about your beachfront condominium wedding.

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