Avoiding the Wedding Paparazzi – Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Tips

Avoiding the Wedding Paparazzi – Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Tips

Wedding Paparazzi

When your Big Day arrives you want everything to be perfect.  You have the perfect dress, the perfect setting, the perfect flowers and you want the perfect pictures.  Unfortunately, everyone has a camera in their pocket or purse and have become social media paparazzi!  Everyone is striving to get the “perfect shot” and to be the first to post a wedding picture.  We know your wedding is going to be beautiful and it is going to be hard for your guests to resist taking pictures.

As wedding planners, we have seen quite a few professional pictures being overtaken by family members holding phones in the air or having the back of Aunt Jean’s head ruin a first kiss photo as she steps out in the aisle to take a picture with her smartphone.

How do you tell your guests…

How do you let your guests know that you have hired a professional to photograph this special occasion and you don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures and see your first kiss blocked by a sea of cell phones? At Big Day Weddings we have several suggestions on how to handle this delicate situation.

You can have your minister be the “bad guy” and give instructions.  We suggest any of the following:

  • Thank you for joining us today as we witness this beautiful ceremony uniting “Bride” and “Groom” in holy matrimony. We ask that you refrain from taking videos or pictures during the ceremony.
  • I invite you to be truly present at this special time, please turn off your cell phones and put down your cameras. The photographer is here to capture this moment, I encourage all of you to capture how it feels with your hearts and minds, without the distraction of technology.
  • The couple respectfully requests that all guest honor the sanctity of this ceremony by turning off cell phones and cameras.

What Else Can You Do?

Word of mouth can be a powerful tool to ensure your wedding ceremony is captured beautifully by the professional photographer you’ve hired. Informing your wedding party, family members, and close friends about your desire for an “unplugged” ceremony is the first step. When they understand your wishes, they can assist in spreading the word before the wedding and on the day of the ceremony. This way, your guests are well-prepared and supportive of your decision to prioritize professional photography.

Benefits of an “Unplugged” Wedding:

  1. Uninterrupted Moments: An “unplugged” wedding ensures that all your cherished moments are captured without distractions. Guests won’t be busy with their phones or cameras, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the ceremony.

  2. Professional Results: By entrusting the photography to the professionals you’ve hired, you can expect high-quality, well-composed, and beautifully edited photographs that truly capture the essence of your special day.

  3. Guest Engagement: When guests are not preoccupied with taking pictures, they are more likely to be emotionally present and engaged in the ceremony. This creates a more intimate and meaningful atmosphere.

  4. No Photobombs: Without guests trying to capture their own shots, you won’t have to worry about unexpected photobombs in your wedding photos.

Encouraging an “Unplugged” Wedding: To ensure your guests are aware of your desire for an “unplugged” wedding, consider these strategies:

  1. Personal Communication: Reach out to your wedding party, close family members, and friends directly to inform them of your wishes. Ask for their support in spreading the word.

  2. Invitation Inserts: Include a polite request for an “unplugged” ceremony on your wedding invitations or as an insert in your wedding programs. Express your appreciation for their cooperation.

  3. Signage: Utilize well-designed signs at the wedding venue entrance and other strategic locations. Big Day Weddings can provide creative suggestions for signage that conveys your message with style and grace.

  4. Social Media: If you’re active on social media, consider making a pre-wedding announcement about your “unplugged” ceremony. Encourage your guests to share in the anticipation of the professional photos that will capture the day.

In conclusion, opting for an “unplugged” wedding ceremony can enhance the overall experience for both you and your guests. By proactively communicating your wishes and using signage, you can ensure that your special day is not only beautifully captured but also a more intimate and memorable event for everyone involved. Big Day Weddings is here to provide guidance and suggestions to make this process smooth and stress-free.

Wedding Paparazzi
  • Put your phones and cameras away and enjoy the day!
  • Welcome to our “unplugged wedding”! Please turn off all cell phones and cameras so you can enjoy the moment with us!
  • We have professional photographers here today to capture the moment, we request that you refrain from photography during the ceremony. We promise that there will be plenty of images at your disposal.
  • The Bride and Groom would like to see your smiles, without the distraction of electronic devices.

If you have a wedding website, Big Day Weddings suggests adding a note there asking guests to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. We have several clever ideas on our Pinterest boards.

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